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The Codesmith's Library

Written by Carsten Whimster



The Codesmith's Library is a monthly column which focuses on development oriented books and materials. The column is from the point of view of an intermediate PM C programmer and intermediate REXX programmer. Pick up whichever book strikes your fancy, and join the growing group of people following our PM programming columns. I have reviewed a number of beginner's books, and will try to concentrate a bit more on intermediate techniques and special topics from now on.

Please send me your comments and thoughts so that I can make this column as good as possible. I read and respond to all mail.

This month has quite possibly been the busiest of my life, and there will be no review. I am halfway done a review of The GUI- OOUI War - Windows vs. OS/2, Mandel, though, so this will appear next month.


My WWW page is back on-line, albeit a little short on up-to- dateness, and thoroughness of execution, but for those of you with actual time on your hands, it might prove slightly interesting. The address is in my author page.

Due to having to write a file system two weeks ago, and a virtual memory system this week coming up, I haven't had enough time to do anything real in my life for a long time, and there is no review this month. If you'd like, you can send me mail at the address on my page at the end, if you want to encourage me, suggest something, or just plain communicate.

Reviewed Books

Our Bookstore has reviews and links to Amazon for all books we have reviewed in the past, as well as several books waiting to be reviewed, and others which we recommend.