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From the Editor

Written by Larry Salomon Jr.



Oh boy, it has been one wild month. Many things have happened, and I have survived to tell the tale.

First, the Bad News...

First, the bad news must come out: the Internet service provider I use had a disk crash; while only one set of home directories was affected, you can bet your bottom dollar that I was a part of that set. Since I had not yet downloaded the submissions for this issue when the crash occurred, I lost everything. To make it worse, due to complications, the nightly backups were bad too, so I could only be restored to the last full backup which was on January 25. The end result is that this issue is a bit slimmer and later than usual.

...Then, the Good News

Fortunately, the good news significantly outweighs the bad news. The first thing you will notice, if you look at the Copyright Notice section, is that EDM/2 now is published by IQPac Inc. which I formed with the intent of taking this magazine to new heights. IQPac Inc. will not yet be paying anyone, but plans to do so as soon as a consistent revenue stream is established. The best thing about having a corporation is that I can now justify to my wife - the accountant - the need to buy a lot of new hardware; I've already purchased a LaserJet 4MP and plan to get a ScanJet IIcx and a #9 GXE64 Pro in the near future. <grin>

The next thing you will notice, again if you look at the Copyright Notice section, is that EDM/2 is now an OS/2 Accredited publication. This is great, as far as I'm concerned, because it gives us a lot more credibility as a publication. Look for IQPac Inc. in the next edition of Sources and Solutions.

Another point for our side came during the fiasco when Mr. Labant retired from IBM. I sent off to Lou Gerstner, for my own reasons, a four page fax containing a lot of stuff; included in that "stuff" was a mention of IQPac Inc. and EDM/2. I did subsequently receive a reply from one of Mr. Gerstner's staff members acknowledging the favorable reception of the fax by Mr. Gerstner.

Wanna Laugh?

In the "Good for a Chuckle" department, pick up a copy of the new ARCsolo for OS/2 version 1.5 (Cheyenne Software) when it hits your shelves. If you look at the screen shots on the box, you'll see that the name of the tape is "EDM/2". That's what you get when you put me in charge of taking screen shots. <grin>

A Slight Change

Due to the fact that this issue is so late, I have decided to push the next part of the VIOWIN series until next issue, which isn't that far away. My apologies for this inconvenience.

And Another Change

Since Gordon Zeglinski's column has of late focused on SOM related topics, we felt it would be more accurate if the name of his column was changed from C++ Corner to OOPS Avenue.

And Yet Another Change

EDM/2 next month will see the beginning of a "Letters to the Editors" page, where you can voice your opinions about the magazine, columnists, or programming issues in general. Make sure you send your email to me - - with a subject line similar to "Letters to the Editors".

One Bigger Change

I don't normally re-release an issue due to problems that I made when it was first released, but this issue had special problems in it:

  • The legally-required statements that correspond to the OS/2 Accredited Logo were inadvertently left out. These were added.
  • Martin Lafaix's article was intended to be a rough draft. It has been removed and will be included in the next issue (hopefully).

And the Votes are Tallied

Finally, the votes for the Reader's Choice Awards were much greater in number, but still not as much as I'd hoped. Considering that I estimate that EDM/2 has over 2000 readers, 112 (valid) votes (some of the readers did not take full advantage of the 3 votes they were able to cast) is still small. However, it's much better than the 14 I received last year! The results are displayed below. There is a sad note to this and that is that I have yet to get committments from anyone willing to donate anything to the winners. I am currently waiting to hear from my liason in the Media Relations group in IBM, so I'll keep the winners posted as I receive more information.
Place Article/Column (Votes)
1. "WPS Programming the Easy Way" (18 votes)
2. "Introduction to PM Programming" (15 votes)
3. "/dev/EDM/BookReview" (14 votes)
4. "C++ corner" (13 votes)
5. "Workplace Shell Development 101" (10 votes)
6. "Making Noise with MMPM/2" (6 votes)
7. "Sprites and Animation" (6 votes)
8. "TCP/IP Socket Programming in REXX" (5 votes)
9. "Scratch Patch" (5 votes)
10. "The Design and Implementation of VIOWIN" (4 votes)
11. "Coding for Dollars: Copy Protection and Prevention" (4 votes)
12. "Visual REXX Faceoff" (3 votes)
13. "Resources and Decompiling Them" (3 votes)
14. "Using SYSLEVEL Files in Your Applications" (2 votes)
15. "Adding Sounds to Your OS/2 Application" (2 votes)
16. "Utilizing Hooks for Added Capabilities" (1 vote)
17. "Controlling Yourself: A Framework for Configurable Options" (1 vote)
I didn't know what to expect, but the winner was not something I was too surprised about. My column coming in 2nd place is something I did not expect, though, and though Carsten does an excellent job in his column, I did not expect him to place either.

After further reflection of the results, it seems unfair that a column should be eligible, since it (theoritically) has 12 chances to win your vote. So, after a quick confirmation with Carsten and Gordon, the columns were removed from the results. This means that the top three articles of the year were:
1. "WPS Programming the Easy Way", Frank Matthijs
2. "Workplace Shell Development 101", Bj”rn Fahller
3. "Making Noise with MMPM/2", Marc van Woerkom

Congratulations to the winners!

The Funny Pages

I have saved some of the funnier votes and they are displayed below. I sincerely hope that I do not offend anyone by displaying these, although I have left out the names of the submitters. The first item is that "OS/2 Installable File Systems" and "Threads in PM Applications" both received 2 votes each, even though they were written last year. The rest are below.

"Um, what? I did not know about any voting. Could you refresh me on what to vote for?"

"Well, since EMX 09a is the only development environment I've used for OS/2 so far, I'd have to vote for it."

"My nomination: OS2 Warp Unleashed. (problem is it's not released yet) The v2.11 book was excellent. Second vote would go to Petzold's OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming by ZD Press."

"I'll be happy to vote but I've only just subscribed within the last few days. I will say that I'm very excited about the existance of and on-line availability of your publication."

"Before you chastise me for not reading your mailings.......we lost serious amounts of data on our server about a week ago and that was my first receipt of your magazine. If you would like to repost, I would be happy to vote for something."

"I vote for Larry Salomon, Jr."

"Ok I'll send you a note. I am not voting because I just got all of the issues installed on our LAN for the rest of my department and I haven't had time to read all of them yet. While I have your attention do you know of a paint program for OS/2 that will create OS/2 bmp's. One of these days I might be able to get you a article on client/server methods and practices, I was a developer at IBM on the DOS/Windows TCP/IP product and now that I am with MCI I write PM based LAN apps using TCP/IP and NETBui. I find it interesting that there has been no mention of the GPF screen/code generator. I live and die by this app, it's probably the best spent $1000+ I have ever made on computer software. Hell maybe I'll do a review of it for ya. Enough of this rambling for now, I have 2 months of work to do in 1!"

"This may not be possible given the rules of the EDM/2 publishing guidelines, but my vote would be, precisely because of the information expressed above, that *YOU* receive the Reader's Choice award this year. IMO, you do the lion's share of the work, and probably receive little, if any, formal recognition for your efforts. I hereby nominate Larry Salomon for the 1994 EMD/2 Reader's Choice award, based on his outstanding contribution to the success of the EDM/2 newsletter, and the work involved in publishing this excellent reference for those of us struggling to get things working."

"I couldn't pick out just one article, sorry. I just want to give you a vote of appreciation for EDM."

That's it for this month! Enjoy what has made it into this issue and we'll see you next month!