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From the Editor

Written by Larry Salomon Jr.



Another month gone by; this month, I decided to incorporate more changes suggested by Carsten (of which some were forwarded from readers). Some of them are listed below:

  • The title page was rearranged somewhat.
  • All articles and columns were moved to the top, instead of buried underneath another heading.
  • Icons are now attached to most, if not all, pages of articles, columns, and other miscellaneous panels.

There are a couple of others, but I will let you find them.

And The Winner of the Most Forgetful Award Is...

me, obviously. Not surprisingly, last month I lost the rdc.cmd file which was to be included in the article Resources and Decompiling Them; it has been included this month.

PC Expo Came and Went

PC Expo was enjoyable, even though I was there for Thursday only. After three years, I was finally allowed to peek behind the scenes at the IBM booth with the animated character. You know the one; he says the funniest one-liners and usually makes a joke about Microsoft (which invariably results in a phone call from one of that company's lawyers about libel) before the end of the show. I've been trying to get a peek at how it was done for three years at least. Now, I can die a happy man.

Seriously, it was fun. IBM was showing off these new 21 inch monitors (which haven't been approved by the FCC), as well as the Power PCs running AIX and OSF1. I managed to hijack the IBM C-Set++ booth to give away five copies of my book. The Developer's Connection volume 4 is shipping as I write this and it does contain some goodies; watch your mail! Finally, I finagled a copy of the OS/2-in-4M beta on CD-ROM but haven't gotten around to installing it. The kiosk of this at the Expo had an impressive demonstration running on a ThinkPad with 4M and running either Word for Windows or Excel (cannot remember which), Klondike Solitare (OS/2 version), and the Clock, and response was quite snappy.

Next Month...?

I will be taking a week for vacation this month and might decide to skip next month's issue since everyone else seems to be enjoying their summer too. There is a chance that I will still put out an August issue (flood me with articles - hint hint - and the probably increases likewise), but I won't know until I return.

Coming Soon

At work, I have had a need to develop a limited subset of the PM API for VIO applications. While the limitations to using it are many, the implementation of the VIOWIN library is very interesting because it gives one an insight into the implementation issues that the original PM developers had to face. I intend to discuss the library in-depth in a future issue, but cannot commit to a specific issue. Watch this space.