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Questions and Answers

Written by Larry Salomon


Questions and Answers

Ed Blackman ( writes:

Here's the question:

Where does OS/2 store its default icons/bitmaps, and how can I access them in my programs? Say, for instance, I wanted to have a container that looks just like the default folder. I could just get a copy of the icon of a default folder (by invoking the Icon Editor from the General page of the Settings notebook), but it seems wasteful to make a copy when the original has to be around somewhere.

The answer to this is tricky, since OS/2 stores them in many places. A long time ago, it was really easy since PMWIN.DLL was the only PM DLL per se. Now, we also have a mess of auxilliary DLLs and also the WPS DLL (PMWP.DLL) to consider.

The bottom line, however, is that - unless you can get at the icon or bitmap through the PM APIs - you're going to have to copy them into your own resource file anyway. The APIs I am alluding to are WinGetSysBitmap and WinQuerySysPointer.

Semir Patel ( writes:

Is it possible to change the priorities of processes/threads of processes that are not direct descendants of the current process? I haven't found a documented API that will do such a thing, but maybe someone knows of some undocumented API's that will handle the above. Thanks.

Unfortunately, there is no API that I know of that will do what you are asking. The issue here is one of security; an OS designer cannot implement something like this and hope to have any semblence of security. For example, you could - if such a function existed - bring the system to a crawl by setting the priority of the WPS to idle time, -30. That wouldn't be a good thing, I am sure. :)