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From the Editor

Written by Larry Salomon Jr.


More Format Changes

First, I would like to say that I (finally) understood what the comments of "duplicate introductions" mean. Let me defend myself by claiming that I always thought that the readers would use the hyperlinks that were defined at the end of each section. People who noticed this behavior were instead using the Forward button to cycle through all of the panels. Since the issue was built with two copies of the introduction - one which is displayed if you select the article or column title, and one if you select the Introduction section - they were seeing both. In lieu of this annoying behavior, only one introduction will be present.

As a last minute change, I decided to remove the hyperlinks at the end of each section for the following two reasons:

  • They duplicate the functionality of the Forward button.
  • If there are other hyperlinks in the section, it is not "just a press of the Enter key" to get to the next section.

Thus, I have removed these links and suggest to those that used them to use the Alt+F key or the Forward button via the mouse.

Another format change is that the CONTENTS.NDX file has been moved out of the EDMIv-i.ZIP file. To avoid conflicts with index files from later issues, it has also been renamed to EDMIv-i.NDX. Doing this will allow those who are interested in specific topics to just download this file to see what the issue contains.

Awards News Flash

If anyone knows how to contact Gavin Baker, please do so and tell him what he won (, Bob :) . Email sent to his address bounces, so I cannot get his address to mail his prize. If we do not hear from him by the release of next month's issue, the prize will be awarded to someone else.

Speaking of prizes, we still have not received them. While we are not blaming anyone, this is being pointed out to explain for the delay. As soon we receive them, they will be shipped out.

And In This Corner

This month seems to be the month of reviews; we have two reviews that I think the readers will be interested in: Gordon Zeglinski has (finally) received his copy of IBM's C-Set++/2 version 2.1 product and presents an update to his compiler comparison that appeared in volume 1, issue 5. Also, Jonathan Story wrote a very interesting review of Quercus Systems's Personal Rexx product on the Internet, and we were granted permission to reproduce it here. Many thanks to Jonathan for allowing us to do so.

Congratulations to Patrick Mueller for finally getting approval from IBM to submit his article. He had expressed a desire to do so around volume 1, issue 5, but didn't have time to deal with the beaurocratic issues involved. Maybe Lou's influence is starting to extend itself to North Carolina :) . I would also like to state that - to date - Patrick's article was the easiest to reformat, since 99% of his submitted text followed the Article Submission Guidelines.

(I wonder how many people will pick up the puns in the graphic for that article. I'll take your guesses and will publish the name of the first correct answer for each of the three.)

WPS Developer Wanna-Be's

For the people beginning (or attempting to begin, as the case may be) to do Workplace Shell development, watch this space; I'm learning quickly how this stuff works, and while I am only a beginner, many people have a hard time getting anything to work at all. I'm hoping to have an introductory article on this topic for the next issue.

In the meantime, there is a SOM/WPS mailing list run by Gess Shankar, who does the EDM/2 distribution on the Internet. If you are interested in joining, send a blank mail message to


Andre Asselin apologizes for not having the next part of his award-winning series OS/2 Installable File Systems ready for this issue, but promised to have it for the next issue.

Marc van Woerkom was to continue his series Making Noise with MMPM/2. Because he was running behind, I agreed to wait until Friday for his article. Unfortunately, something has come up and I will not be here on Friday, so I asked him if he could get it to me sooner. Since I never received a response, I decided to push his article until next issue.

I hate doing things like this, but such is the life of the editor. :(

A Final Thanks all of the subscribers who answered my four question survey sent out in the last week of January. The results were very interesting; I hope to compile them and send out a summary of what I received. It's still not too late to send me your responses, however!