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From the Editor

Written by Larry Salomon, Jr.


A fter a one-week vacation, I returned home with a SoundBlaster 16 and a pair of Koss speakers; delighted, I decided to install them as soon as I returned, but only after I finished hooking up my Super Nintendo system that I also received from my younger brother (isn't family great? :) . It's only when you receive a new hardware card more than a year after buying your computer that you really appreciate the value of the Microchannel architecture, especially when you have an ISA machine.

"Let's see, was that DMA channel 5 or 6 used by the Adaptec card, and address 330h is used by my modem, correct?" After two hours, I finally got the machine to boot and was able to use the rest of the hardware in my system, but still had trouble with my SoundBlaster. Some email suggested that I change the IRQ number from 7 to something else, because OS/2 reserves that for the printer. You have to love computer conferencing; thanks to everyone who responded.

Well, considering all that has happened in 1993, I must say the greatest thing was that EDM/2 had close to 1000 subscriptions total at the end of December! What a number! While I keep receiving email saying how I'm doing such a great job with this, and blah blah blah, I must turn it around and say thank you to all of the authors who have kept this magazine alive (and special thanks for making this issue possible!) and also to all of the readers who have given the authors a reason to write. Considering that everything is done voluntarily, I must hand it to everyone - we all did a fantastic job for a pilot year...

And now that we are in volume 2 (did you notice that?), I get the extreme pleasure of announcing the winners from the Reader's Choice Awards. By the end of December, I had received a total of 14 sets of votes, which I consider a pathetic number given the number of readers, but I was consoled by email where I was told that Analog Magazine (a scientific publication) which has been in existance for 30+ years has always had an extremely low votes/reader ratio. I shall digress, however. The winning articles, their authors, and the prize each author shall receive is listed below.

1st Place

1st place goes to Andre Asselin for the OS/2 Installable File Systems series. For this, he will receive a copy of HockWare, Inc.'s VisPro/REXX Bronze version 2.0 (when it becomes available in mid-January) and a 1 year subscription to the OS/2 Developer magazine.

2nd Place

2nd place goes to Gordon Zeglinski for the Rexx-ercising Your Applications series. For this, he will receive a copy of HockWare Inc.'s VisPro/REXX Bronze version 2.0.

3rd Place

3rd place was a tie between Gavin Baker's Intro to PM column and my Threads in PM applications article. While I realize that this looks fishy, I - in the spirit of random distribution - flipped a coin for it. (Boy, was I glad it wasn't a three-way tie! :) Fortunately, Gavin won, so he will receive a 1 year subscription to the OS/2 Developer soon as I can figure out how to reach him! Mail to his address gets bounced. If I do not hear from him by next issue, I will award the prize to someone else.

A hearty congratulations to all of the winners from us here at EDM/2! We would also like to thank Dick Conklin, the editor of OS/2 Developer, and Dave Hock, the president of HockWare, Inc., for their generous contributions.

If you have a topic to write about, this should be enough incentive; see the section Are You a Potential Author? for information on submitting articles for publication.

This just in from the network - IBM will be presenting on February 3 a seminar on its C-Set++ product. This will be in New York City at the Madison Avenue location (590 Madison Avenue, between 56th and 57th streets), in room 610 (auditorium). The agenda currently looks like so:

6:15-7:15 C-Set++ Class Library: Design and Use
Rich Hickey, a C++ a C SIG Technical Leader and teacher of Advanced C++ at the NYU School of Continuing Education will be the speaker.
7:45-9:00 C-Set++ for OS/2 Discussion and Demonstration
IBMers from the C-Set++ development group in Toronto, Canada will be the speakers.
Post partum
Dutch treat (i.e. you pay for yourself) dinner at a nearby restaurant for good food and great conversation.
Admission is free, but a voluntary contribution of $3 (US) to defray the cost of the meetings, etc. is asked. All are welcome to attend. I will try to be there so if you ever wanted to meet the editor of EDM/2, you know where to find me (this, unfortunately, is subject to change without notice. :( ).

EDM/2 officially welcomes its newest columnist with whom we should all be familiar. Gordon Zeglinski takes up his post as resident C++ columnist beginning this issue. See C++ Corner for a first taste.


The breakdown of the votes is as follows:

VisPro/REXX Bronze version 2.0

The following excerpts are taken from an advance copy of the press release soon to be made available to trade publications, etc.

VisPro/REXX Bronze is an easy-to-use visual programming tool that provides a quick way to build OS/2 2.x GUI applications. Some of the key features include:

Suggested retail pricing for VisPro/REXX Bronze version 2.0 is $99 US. Special upgrade pricing is available until March 31, 1994...$39 US ($59 after 3/31).

The VisPro/REXX products are available directly from HockWare or from software resellers worldwide. [It] is available from IBM Australia, Limited for the following countries: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Republic of China, Taiwan and Thailand.

HockWare, Incorporated, based in Cary, North Carolina, can be reached at by voice at (919) 380-0616 and by fax at (919) 380-0757.

OS/2 Developer

The following was composed by me, so any inaccuracies are my fault; however, OS/2 Developer was asked to return some form of text describing what they are about, of which I have received none.

OS/2 Developer was established by IBM's Personal Systems Line of Business division in the late 1980's. Since then, they have grown to a very large reader base in many areas of OS/2 development, from MIS to the hard-core programmers and all areas in between. The magazine is currently published bi-monthly by Miller Freeman, Incorporated and costs $39.95 US for 6 issues (1 year). Canada, Mexico, and international surface mail, add $16 US per year for postage. (Canadian GST number is 124513185.) For international air mail, add $30 US for postage. Foreign orders must be accompanied by payments in US funds.

OS/2 Developer can be ordered in the US by calling (800) WANT OS2 (800-926-8672) and outside of the US by calling (708) 647-5960. Questions may also be directed to those phone numbers or via the Internet at