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From the Editor

Written by Larry Salomon, Jr.

  Well, after a serious hiccup in the release schedule, we are finally putting out our next issue. "We" is used because the founder and original Editor-in-Chief, Steve Luzynski, found himself with too much work and not enough time, so another editor was added (Larry Salomon), and he temporarily assumed the duties as Editor-in-Chief until Steve can return in full capacity.
Because the original July issue never made it out as far as I know, I've tried to put together an issue containing material that I wrote and any articles that I received via the Internet after the ballyhoo about Steve's untimely (and hopefully temporary) demise. My apologies if this issue appears to be a "Larry Salomon-only" edition, but - hey - you have to work with what you have to work with.
Andre Asselin, whom you'll remember was writing the article series on IFS Development, regretfully told us that he would not be able to meet our deadline for this issue. He added that he will try to continue it in the next issue, fortunately.
At the time of this writing, we were unable to reach Gavin Baker, the writer for the Introduction to PM Programming column. While we are continuing our efforts in this area, we appreciate any contact that can be established by our readers.
Finally, our thanks and one box of Scooby Snacks go to Mir Assadullah who provided administrative support for this issue (in the form of pre-release reviews.)

The Editors