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From the Editor

Written by Steve Luzynski

  Hello, and welcome to the first issue of EDM/2, the Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2!
This project was the result of my own struggle to get information on programming OS/2, particularly in the case of writing Presentation Manager programs. What information is available seems to be spread out amongst .INF files, books written for OS/2 1.3, and old magazine articles. My goal was to provide a single resource where developers, both new and old, could get information on topics ranging from "How do I create a window?" to "How do I write an IFS?"
The tone of this magazine may be a bit irreverent at times - not all computer programmers are antisocial hermits who only leave their rooms to get more Doritos (that's just me). Consider yourself warned. :)
In later issues, I'll use this space to actually talk about topics related to developing for OS/2. This time, however, I have some administrative business to get off my chest...


If you have an idea for an article, by all means contact me! Since this magazine is targeted at developers of all levels, no topic is too general or too esoteric to be appreciated by someone. You can generally assume basic familiarity with the C programming language - beyond that, use your judgement. Someone reading an article on writing device drivers will probably be more advanced than someone reading about resource files.
One area I would like to see covered that hasn't been in this issue is the commercial developer's software that is available out there. Reviews of Zortech C++, IBM C Set/2, etc. would make nice inclusions.


This magazine is free for the taking. All of the material is copyrighted by the person who wrote it - the authors retain all rights to the text as well as their code unless stated otherwise. I can't pay them for their efforts, so by leaving their work as theirs I leave open the possibility for paid reprints in traditional paper works.
Since I really could in no way control the random distribution of this work, I'm not even attempting to charge for it. However, if you do feel a deep seated desire to pay someone for it, by all means feel free to send your donation:
  • To me. Your money will all be pushed back into the magazine in the form of storage space, Compuserve fees, etc. My address can be located by emailing me at the address listed at the end of this article.
  • To the Free Software Foundation. They are responsible for emx/gcc and a lot more really nice FREE packages available for a variety of machines. They also have administrative overhead just like any other organization. They can be reached at:
      Free Software Foundation, Inc.
      675 Mass Ave
      Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
[These addresses are old. Now you should send money to EDM/2's current editor. This will help cover the expense of the web site. Ed.]

Et Cetera

[I have obviously cleaned up the style for HTML :) Ed.]
The articles presented in this magazine were written by people with a wide variety of expertise in the use of IPF (the Information Presentation Facility). Because of this, the style of the articles is different for each one - from a straightforward scrolling window to multilevel windows with custom icons and hotlinks to glossary items. As we all get better at this, eventually everything will look as nice as Gavin's article. :) Please bear with me until then and let me know if you have any suggestions on style or format. But enough from me. Let's get to it.